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“Riders will experience many different challenges, pushing themselves to think differently about how the rider uses his or her body to influence the horse, but also many fun and stimulating exercises that will keep the rider as well as the horse in a “stretching zone” rather than “comfort zone”. In comfort zones riders and horses rarely continue to make progress; they plateau at some point and new learning ceases.
Stretch zone is achieved when riders push themselves past the comfort zone, where something new is a challenge and new learning is occurred by learning in small chunks, perfecting those small chunks, and then stringing together those small perfected chunks together and voila’, a new piece is learned. A master at engaging riders and encouraging “thinking for themselves”, Meghan keeps riders inspired and develops confidence in both horse and rider.”




Sleepy Hollow Farm
46 Albro Ave
N. Dartmouth, MA 02747

PHONE: 508-317-0098 / EMAIL



Equestrians For A Cure at Cutler Farm, Medfield MA. Meghan Hamilton Yallen riding Victoria (Miss T) an Andries 415 X Ulke 338 mare. READ MORE

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November 20, 21, 22nd

Meghan Hamilton Dressage Presents: 3-DAY ADULT DRESSAGE BOOT CAMP Hosted at: Sleepy Hollow Farm, Dartmouth MA

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