**New in 2015- New Composting facility makes compost even better than before**


100% All natural - 100% Recycled


No chemicals, additives, hormones, or steroids

Compost includes horse manure, bedding and urine, all aged and composted to a rich black compost. Natural time released nutrients to nurture plants and shrubs.


Our Compost is 100% natural, nothing artificial has been added. Unlike cattle, chicken and pigs, our horses are not fed or given regular antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, or any other artificial products.


Excellent for use in planting seedlings, as potting media, and enriching the soil. Helps sandy soil retain water and assists clay soil in draining. Great for indoor or outdoor farming/gardening uses. Use as a cover to protect plants for the winter!



Feeding & Mulching


Urban Gardner’s Organic Compost can be forked or rototilled well into the soil and will give plants a gentle slow release feed through the summer and help retain moisture. Use a generous layer for best results.


Summer Mulching

Use 2-3 inches of horse compost around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to feed plants, suppress weed growth reducing loss of nutrients from the soil and minimize the work of weeding borders. Through the summer the mulch will retain moisture and protect the soil from drying from sun and wind.


Soil Conditioning

Bring dead soil back to life! Use when manure is recommended, all year round. Use composted horse manure in heavy clay soils to improve the condition or use in light sandy soils to give body and retain moisture. Use 2-3 inches forked or rototilled well into the soil to improve the condition of the soil, reducing heaviness and adding nutrients. The soil can be planted immediately. Use For Turf-when laying a new lawn prepare with 1/2" of Urban Gardeners Horse Compost, mix with soil, lay turfs, and tamp down, water well.

Vegetables-apply a generous layer of Urban Gardeners Horse Compost for best results, its great for all veggies!

Trees & Shrubs- to plant trees, shrubs, roses in open ground using Urban Gardner’s Horse Compost, dig a hole at least double the size of the pot or root ball. Add a thick layer of compost, and place the root ball in the hole so that is is at least 3 inches lower than it was in the pot. Replace soil around it by hand while mixing in a good quantity of manure around the roots. **REMEMBER a tree is only as good as the hole it goes in**


About Us

Sleepy Hollow Farm is a locally owned and operated horse farm. We are conscientious of our environment and are happy to help bring you a local recycled product. Pride shines throughout our property, horses, and farm management.

All of our horses are bedded in stalls each night using New England’s finest kiln dried shavings. Stalls and paddocks are cleaned daily. The mixture of horse manure, urine, shavings and dirt are moved to the compost pile where it is stored, and turned until it reaches the proper temperature, then aged until it is ready for use.



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