Support Team.

We are very proud of our support team of many whom we have partnered with for many years. We strongly believe the whole team must work together for the good of each horse to give them a customized individual holistic care package, and the best possibility to thrive and perform in their required tasks from young horses to elite athletes. We offer a variety of health and rehabilitation solutions for our equine clients using various integrative treatments and therapies offered by our team. Our vast knowledge of equine biomechanics and movement, wound care, and rehabilitation of injuries make us a top choice in New England for both training as well as rehabilitation.

Highland Hill Veterinary

Ocean State Equine Services

Kendyl has been a key part to managing the day to day herd health. Kendyl received her masters in equine reproduction, her specialty, and has helped to maximize the health and welfare levels of our brood mares and young stock as well as assisting us in our breeding program.

Dr. Currid has been instrumental in helping keep our equine athletes sound and happy. His special interests are in lameness and sports medicine. He and his staff are easy to communicate with and works well with the rest of our team including other vets, farriers, and professionals to maximize performance in each equine athlete.

Dr. Paula Monte

Litchfield Equine Wellness

Dr. Monte specializes in alternative equine wellness and has also been an integral part of managing the comfort levels of our equine athletes and pets. Utilizing chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine. Her special interests are with sport horse medicine using alternative integrative therapies.

Equine Nutritionist , Poulin Grain

Expert Farrier/Trimmer

We work very closely with Andrew to develop the best nutrition for each equine client. Our nutrition program is based hay nutrient testing and carefully balancing grains and supplements based on body types, age, level of work, and other special needs and concerns. Poulin Grain

provides innovative modeling. Their team uses the latest release of CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate Protein Systems). This allows for Poulin and their team to meet our specific farm and herd nutritional requirements maximizing herd performance, health and sustainability.

Their feeds combined with two decades of experience gives our customers a competitive edge.

Mary has been managing our herd for nearly a decade. She began as our barefoot trimmer and she has evolved into one of the best accredited farrier/trimmers in New England. She is always reinvesting in herself attending multiple international hoof/farrier summits each year. Her farrier/shoeing and trimming services for horses include steel/aluminum/composite/glue on and natural performance trimming, hoof boot fitting and sales, hoof casting, hoof rehabilitation, laminitis, founder and therapeutic shoeing for lameness issues. She regularly work with our team of vets to help solve performance and ameness issues.

Custom Saddlery & Black Horse Expression

Animal Whisperer & Healer

Andrea has kept our horses fit properly and comfortable in our Custom Saddlery Saddles. Her expertise in saddle fitting as well as keen eye to horse locomotion and rider positions and

how they affect the saddle and horses balance have enhanced her knowledge of saddle fitment along with her own riding and competition experience. Her skills have lent to decades of

experience with maximizing equine performance using saddle fit evaluations, rider evaluations , maintenance , and customizations. She loves being a part of the team contributing to the health and happiness of the horse and rider. fitter/andrea-palumbo

Meghan has an extraordinary gift to whisper with animals and what goes on in the minds and hearts of our loved ones! Not only is she a tuned-in telepathic whisperer, she also possesses the great ability to do energy work & healing through a hands on approach. Her gift often sheds light on an emotional, physical, mental issue that has been brewing, or has gone unnoticed. With her help, she often helps us get pointed in the right direction for treatment whether its with veterinarians, farriers, training, or other professional care. Her services have helped facilitate everything from birth to crossing the rainbow bridge, work with training issues, rehabilitation of the body and mind, as well as emotional issues. She is absolutely incredible and this video will bring so much healing, wisdom and understanding- it is a must watch for any animal lover/ pet owner.


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