White Line Hoof Resection


3yr. Warmblood- Chronic Painful Abscesses In White Line

What you see outside isn't always what lies beneath. Thank you to a great team helping diagnose and treating our horses. This horse has experienced chronic abscesses, and through radiographs we found the root cause was from a patch of white line that grew behind the sole and couldn't be seen or treated externally. He had a successful resection and shoes to help him rehab his foot. Pics 3/8/17.

This horse was immediately more comfortable. You can see in these pics the black exudate that developed under the sole and began to erode the inside of the hoof wall. You can also see both in the radiograph as well in the fore facing pics that there was an old tract from an access that broke at the coronary band January 13, 2017 just two months prior, but did not offer complete comfort. When this horse became uncomfortable again so short after the previous access bursting the hoof was then radiographed and the whole picture came into view. Thank you to Dr. Currid and the Ocean State Equine Team, as well as our awesome Farriers Mary Bramely, and Matt Burbank.


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